Sobh-e Royesh School

A Place Where Child Laborers can be Children

1086 child laborer attend Sobh-e Rouyesh Schools


Lower Secondary Education


Pishgam (Adult Education)


Jobzi (Mobile School)


Partow-e Sobh-e Rouyesh


Javan-kadeh Youth Club (Vocational Training Center)


Partow-e Sobh-e Rouyesh in Khavaran St.

To date, of the students have been funded 🧡 49%

In association with a group of the best experts and consultants

Educational Management team
Psychology team
Social Service team
Sociology team
Technical and Vocational Training team
Learning mathematics, science and literature does not suffice

Much more is required in life

Thinking Skills

Such as: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Self-awareness, and Analysis

Communication Skills

Communicating with oneself, God, others, and nature using skills such as: effective communication, empathy, and positive social interaction

Decision Making Skills (KONESHGARI)

Such as: Problem-Solving, Self-Management, Anger-Management, The Power of Saying “No”, and Self-Reliance

Professional and Practical skills

Beginner courses for 100 real world jobs such as: electrician, pastry chef, accountant, cameraman, plumber, tailor.

A school you cannot forget

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An introduction to Sobh-e Rouyesh

is a non-governmental organization Sobh-e Rouyesh School

which is supported only by public donations
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