The gray world of Rabab

I was reviewing the files one by one when I came across Rabab.

A shy little girl was looking at the others in a quiet corner with only her hands in her pockets.
I went to him with a box of crayons and a white sheet.
“Well, Rabab Jan, can you draw me a picture of your family?”
He was embarrassed and put his left hand in his pocket and did not raise his head 😔 .

With a lot of effort and talk to Rabab
Little by little, he took his hand out of his pocket, and it was only then that I realized the reason for all this embarrassment.

When Rabab was only 2 years old, his left hand was burnt in their blood during the fire and his fingers were so folded that he could not open them.
During the school year, the kind teacher of the class tried very hard not to embarrass Rabab and his friends with this issue and Rabab.

With the conversations and coordination that took place and with the efforts of the collaborators and with the benevolent help of one of the plastic surgeons🌹,The hand of this sweet girl was operated on.
With this action, now the gray world of Rabab is colored and he no longer tries to hide his hand.🌱