financial support

sice sobhe rouyesh school dosn’t have any currency accounts for overseas supports , dear volunteers may transfer the money to the following accounts.

these accounts belong to Mr.sahebi who is the founder of reality therapy of iran and one of the members of wiliam gplsar sience committee we highly appreciate his cooperation


Valid accounts to deposit money for overseas financial supports




Accont name: ali sahebi

Pay pal


Received money from beneficents annually spent on different cases such as: food, clothes, stationery, education accessories, professional staff. Medical cases and other needs of schools.
supporters who have accounts in Iran can use two account numbers below:

credit card no:

7692 4001 1219 6274
sheba no:


Credit card no:

6431 0001 2970 5022

Sheba no:


Account”s name: Nasim Sobhe Rouyesh