Who are we?

Who We Are

Nasim Sobhe Rouyesh institute was founded in 2015 as a non-profit organization with registration no. 37599 and national ID 14005526993 and officially kick started its operations. This non-governmental and non-political organization, as an independent NGO (non-governmental organization), emerged from the apprehensions of a group of young social activists who took on a social responsibility to provide equal educational opportunities for child labor and those exposed to social harm.

The institute began with initial studies and research on the problems encountered by child labor and those exposed to social harm, and after necessary research, gathering of prerequisites and obtaining the necessary permits from relevant institutions such as the Ministry of Education, launched the first specialized school for child labor to effectively educate children on issues such as child labor, addiction and crime, and prevent the replication of these issues. At present, Sobhe Rouyesh is recognized as a leading NGO and successful in matters of child labor and has demonstrated ability to address specialized and effective social and cultural measures as aligned to its objectives.

Sobhe Rouyesh has embraced 629 children of the target community across five educational and proficiency centers during the academic year ’18 – ’19, and in addition to providing a proper framework for teaching necessary skills, has obtained significant achievements in a variety of fields.

Future Outlook

Access to quality and effective education for all child labor and children exposed to social harm in Iran;

Sobhe Rouyesh’s graduates to become effective and valuable citizens in the society;

Converting Rouyesh pattern into a national and international pattern for quality and effective education;

Modeling reverse migration pattern of marginalized families who encourage child labor via empowerment approach at the origin.

Mission Statement

The Nasime Sobhe Rouyesh Institute is a non-governmental organization that, with the help of experienced professionals and young human capital, is working to design and develop an educational model specifically for child labor and children at-risk of societal damage. (Sobhe Rouyesh’s pattern) aims to protect these children from the viscous cycle of damages and correct this cycle by teaching them how to live better; in essence, bring about a framework for training effective and valuable citizens. By establishing dedicated schools for children exposed to social harm and left behind school in the impoverished areas, this  entity views the school as a social institution and aims to improve family and neighborhood conditions.


– Creating a platform for the education of valuable and effective citizens;

– Maximize absorption of child labor into the education process in target areas;

– Cutting poverty through empowerment, elevating levels of knowledge, vision and paradigm;

– Continuous improvement of the educational quality and management process of Sobhe Rouyesh school;

– Training in intellectual, communication, social, taking action and decision-making skills;

– Fostering creativity and critical thinking and expanding the range of options for the students;

– Professional training and empowerment of students in order to educate qualified entrepreneurs;

– All students have mastery of at least one sport in one of the national or championship sports disciplines;

– Improving the physical and mental health of the children;

– Converting the Rouyesh pattern into a national pattern for quality and effective education;

– Improving quality in management, processes and employee job satisfaction;

– Improving the quality of Rouyesh’s educational model based on knowledge and local experience;

– Attracting, training and employing young, creative and motivated human resources for the purpose of staffing educational institutions;

– Maximizing fundraising and raising awareness for education and social harm turning it into the first choice for donors in the community;

– Establishment of schools and development of activities in other impoverished areas of the country.

[1] Sobhe Rouyesh is in process of formulating objectives based on the organization’s ten-year strategy. While the final version is being evaluated, the existing version was designed in previous years.

Sobhe Rouyesh Centers:

1- Boy’s Elementary School – Darvaz-e-qar

2- Girls’ Elementary School – Darvaz-e-qar

3- Boys’ Middle School Cycle 1 – Edam Square

4- Girls’ Middle School Cycle 1 – Darvaz-e-qar

5- Javankadeh Vocational School – Darvaz-e-qar

6- Khavaran Center (Girls ‘and Boys’ Elementary) – Khavaran Street

7- Jabezi (School on wheels for child labor)

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