Continuous financial support

We are honored to announce that the”accompaniment_smile_kids” project is ready now.
In this project each person can support the labour children school with accepting the financial expenses , and put smile on their lips. The expenses are for producing All services such as:
Education , sports ,psychology, medical , and health, empowerment and … .
That cost nearly 4800000 toman for each student. Each person can be one of our children supporters just by paying at least 50000toman, mountly

sice sobhe rouyesh school dosn’t have any currency accounts for overseas supports , dear volunteers may transfer the money to the following accounts.
these accounts belong to Mr.sahebi who is the founder of reality therapy of iran and one of the members of wiliam gplsar sience committee we highly appreciate his cooperation

Valid accounts to deposit money for overseas financial supports
Accont name: ali sahebi
Pay pal

Received money from beneficents annually spent on different cases such as: food, clothes, stationery, education accessories, professional staff. Medical cases and other needs of schools.